“About” Me.

I’m 29.  Married.  Dealing with what seems to be a consistent quarter-life crisis.  It’s that age where everyone gets pregnant.  But I’m not at that stage yet.  Turns out my eggs aren’t, either.  I put about in quotation marks because it seems trivial to define myself by this.  I’m actually more complex (or at least I hope I am) – but I like the idea of a “focused” blog.  Because PCOS sucks.

I am not a “typical” PCOSer – since I generally am of average weight – and don’t usually have the acne and hirsutism symptoms that tend to plague PCOSers.  I was diagnosed after not having a period after coming off birth control (I can go months and months with nary an AF) and after an ultrasound revealed a “characteristic” strand of pearls (ie: underdeveloped eggs) surrounding my ovaries (you can read more about my diagnosis in the first entry of this blog).

After being told that I was not insulin resistant (still deciding if I agree) based on some blood work – I was told that I should get back on birth control until we want to “try” – and then jump on the fertility treatment bandwagon.  I’m not necessarily opposed – but wanted to try the natural way first.  I’m finishing up law school, so right now my primary goal is getting ME figured out (oh 28 day cycles, where art thou?) – but if I can get pregnant along the way, all the better.

PS: I am also a vegetarian.  Which is bound to make this all very interesting.


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